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To be an institution;

  • * Putting customer satisfaction first
  • * Developing customer-oriented strategies
  • * Reliable
  • * Developing with continuous improvement
  • * Giving importance on satisfaction of employee.

In order to assure the continuous compliance to certain conditions, an efficient quality system meeting the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001:2008 standard is applied in our firm.

Our Quality System is described in Quality Handbook of GÜNSAN ELEKTRİK MALZ. SAN. ve TİC. A.Ş. Department directors are in charge of presenting the procedures providing the implementation of quality system, provision of sustainability and efficient application.

Management Representative is responsible for the constant observation of the functioning of quality system to guarantee the efficient implementation of this policy. 

  • Abidin GÜN
  • Chairman of the Board



Günsan has had; will have the innovative thought of I make first for each new product and each product that it manufactures.


With its products and the standing as firm, Günsan has always assured and will assure for its customers.


Günsan will exist for its customers continuously and will carry out necessary studies to make this sustainability permanent.


Günsan has certified its production in line with   both the quality standards institutions of our country and the quality standards institutions of many foreign countries.